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You are not for sale.

What if there was a different, better way to live?

There is.

Do you need a place to stay?

Do you need food? Hygiene supplies? Job skills training?

Do you just need someone confidential to talk to - someone who understands?

Breaking Free is here and we can help you.

Call (651) 645-6557 to schedule your intake.

Parents of Victims

If you have a loved one that is or has been a victim of sex-trafficking or prostitution and you have questions or want someone to talk to in this very real hardship; we have people who have lived through this and understand the complexities and difficulties. Give us a call and set up a time for a conversation. We believe in the power of community and helping one another so that no one has to feel alone.

Call (1-800-294-7116)

Breaking Free was established in October 1996, by Vednita Carter, Founder, as a non-profit organization serving women involved in systems of abuse, exploitation, and prostitution/sex trafficking. In the fall of 2016 Terry Forliti was appointed by Vednita Carter and the Breaking Free Board of Directors as the new Executive Director.Phone: 651-645-6557
Address: P.O. Box 4366, St. Paul, MN 55104