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Offenders Prostitution Program / Men Breaking Free

The Goal
The goal of the Offenders Prostitution Program is simple: to reduce the demand that fuels sex trafficking.


Arresting and prosecuting offenders does not necessarily deter future illegal activity. The best practice in community corrections combines arrest and prosecution with treatment. The Offenders Prostitution Program addresses the underlying attitudes and assumptions that enable and encourage offenders to participate in prostitution. This restorative justice program is designed to hold offenders accountable, while raising awareness about sex trafficking and providing resources to the women and children victimized by prostitution.

  "One of the top ten most innovative programs in the country . . ." --National Institute of Justice 


In January of 1999, Ramsey County District Court instituted Community Court, a restorative justice pilot program aimed at crimes against the community. Community Court operates differently from regular courtrooms in that defendants may elect to serve out their sentences through community service. It is an opportunity for individuals to learn how their actions impact others, to perform - not just pay - restitution, and to give back to the community they've harmed.

The Offenders Prostitution Program, more commonly referred to as  "Men Breaking Free," was a response to an on-going community concern in the Frogtown and Aurora/St. Anthony neighborhoods, home to the highest incidences of prostitution and sex-trafficking within the city of Saint Paul. Previous approaches to curbing the problem involved putting prostituted women and girls in jail and requiring customers, to pay a fine. This approach did nothing to deter the activity and proved extremely costly to the county. Funds were being expended to keep women in jail without addressing their deep-seated issues of abuse, addiction, and enslavement. At the same time, the sanctions imposed upon the customers, typically residents of wealthier, middle-class communities, proved to be an inadequate consequence and did not address recurrent patterns of behavior.

Under a grant from the National Institute of Justice, Breaking Free became one of six programs in the country that was awarded funding for the purpose of forming a committee of community leaders and key stakeholders to address these issues. In February 1999, committee members attended an intensive training in San Francisco, California. Upon their return, a concept for an innovative and more effective solution to the pervasive problem of sex trafficking and prostitution was born. This ultimately led to the development and implementation of a program for men that was both punitive and educational in nature.

In July of 1999, Breaking Free, in cooperation with Ramsey County District Court Judge Lawrence Cohen, Court Administrator Sue Alliegro, the Second Judicial District and other members of the bench, the Saint Paul City Attorney, the Ramsey County Public Defenders Office, Ramsey County Community Corrections, the Frogtown Community Group, and the Saint Paul Police, convened the first Men Breaking Free class. For the past 16 years, Breaking Free's Men Breaking Free has operated to educate the primary men of prostitution and stop the demand for the exploitation of Minnesota's women and girls. 

For Law Enforcement and Prosecutors:

Contact us for more information about implementing Men Breaking Free in your county.                 

Breaking Free was established in October 1996, by Vednita Carter, Founder and President, as a non-profit organization serving women involved in systems of abuse, exploitation, and prostitution/sex trafficking.Phone: 651-645-6557
Address: P.O. Box 4366, St. Paul, MN 55104