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                                                                               OUR TEAM

                                         Lindsay Arf                                                     Tonique Ayler
                                Outreach Specialist                                        Housing Advocate 

                                          Kjersti (KJ) Bohrer                                        Aliyah Carter
                                 Women's Program Advocate                        Systems Analyst

                                         Pamela (Pam) Davis                                      Teresa (Terry) Forliti
                                 Office/HR Manager                                        Executive Director

                                         Jennifer Gaines                                               Wesley (Wes) Grannes
                                 Housing Advocate                                          Housing Manager

                                          Kristina Jackson                                             Stephanie Mullen
                                  Receptionist                                                   Women's Program Manager

                                          Lori Paul                                                          Ella Washington
                                 Comm. & Development Specialist                  Housing Advocate


Breaking Free was established in October 1996, by Vednita Carter, Founder, as a non-profit organization serving women involved in systems of abuse, exploitation, and prostitution/sex trafficking. In the fall of 2016 Terry Forliti was appointed by Vednita Carter and the Breaking Free Board of Directors as the new Executive Director.Phone: 651-645-6557
Address: P.O. Box 4366, St. Paul, MN 55104