Breaking Free’s Process, Policy, and Procedure for Out of State Clients

Thank you for recognizing Breaking Free as a resource for women seeking help who have experienced sex-trafficking or had been involved in commercial sexual exploitation. 

Due to the complexities involved, we have developed procedures that must be in place before we are able to receive an out of state referral. As victim-centered and trauma-informed providers, it is important to us that when considering coming here, clients are well-informed that housing is not guaranteed and can be a process. 


Our Housing Program

Breaking Free is located in St. Paul, MN in Ramsey County. Our Housing Program has three 18-unit apartment buildings. These units are often at capacity and as such, Breaking Free is unable to guarantee housing opportunities to any client including out-of-state residents and residents of Minnesota. When we encounter clients in need of housing, we explore a variety of options including referrals to the county’s coordinated access system.

The Coordinated Access System and the Referral Process

After completing a housing intake through the county, depending upon eligibility and availability, our Housing Program may receive a referral from Ramsey County Coordinated Access to Housing and Shelter (CAHS). CAHS coordinates the Ramsey County Coordinated Access / Coordinated Entry System (CES) referrals for the HUD Continuum of Care (CoC) region. Priority is given to residents of Ramsey County. If our housing is at capacity, it is possible Coordinated Access will refer a client to other housing options. 

Other Local Housing Options 

Due to a high need for housing services and Breaking Free housing often being at capacity, while a client is waiting for a referral from the county, we are able to help clients navigate local systems and resources. We help clients explore and apply for other potential housing options and we can connect them to our partner organizations for housing opportunities or availability. When enrolled in our programs there is opportunity for permanent housing based on availability; however, as explained above, our referrals are through the county. 

Please Note: We do not have our own shelter. Arrangements would need to be made to find a bed. Please do not direct clients here until a bed is located. We will maintain communication with you regarding logistics.


· Prior to admittance for our services, we must do an intake over the phone with the client. If the client is unable to provide one, we will accept an intake from the referring agency along with a signed ROI.


 Valid copy/proof of identification of client you are referring.


 By State regulations, there must be a 30 day time period/stay in Minnesota before we can access the majority of resources. Knowing this in advance will help eliminate client frustration. 

If a client chooses to come and wait 30 days for residency, we will provide the following services: advocacy, therapy, legal assistance, clothing, food, hygiene products and a drop in center with day-time office hours M-F.

 Thank you for reaching out to Breaking Free.

     Our mission: To end all forms of prostitution and sex-trafficking.

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