Thousands of women are trafficked and sold for sex in Minnesota each year.

 Help us help them break free.  


Help  Breaking Free to end sex trafficking and exploitation. Your  tax-deductible donation will directly change the lives of sex trafficked  women by providing services, housing, and hope.

 A vicious cycle of violence, abuse,  incarceration and addiction, sex trafficking is an epidemic both  globally and nationally. Breaking Free, a St. Paul non-profit serving  women involved in systems of abuse, exploitation, and prostitution/sex  trafficking, has teamed up with Minneapolis ad agency Clarity Coverdale Fury and other local talents to bring this issue to life via a public service announcement campaign. 


 "Backwards Truth," the star of the campaign, is a 60-second spot featuring a unique creative treatment.  The first half of the spot tells a story of a young woman involved in  "the life" (the term used by victims of prostitution) and then, line by  line and frame by frame, her story is reversed to tell an opposite tale  of survival. 

Musician Claire Monesterio of all-female collaboration GRRRL PRTY, a rising star in the Minneapolis hip hop scene, wrote and recorded the track on this video.


Breaking Free thanks the following for their contributions to this campaign:

Clarity Coverdale Fury - Agency

Jodi Nelson, Blue Morpho Films - Producer

Josh Thacker, Committee Films - Director
David Schnack, Pagoda Pictures - Director of Photography
Ditch Edit - Editing & Post Production