Women's Program

 The Women's Program is our core program and gateway to other services provided by Breaking Free. After an initial intake and assessment is completed, an individual plan for each client is established and implemented, which includes: 


Providing information and referrals to appropriate services or agencies, as well as directly advocating on behalf of clients within these services and agencies. 

Case Management

Serving clients with concurring issues of poverty, homelessness, drug addiction, and violence necessitates a holistic case management approach in order to overcome each of the barriers. 

Educational Support Groups

Weekly educational support groups facilitated by Breaking Free staff are a combination of women sharing their experiences and learning about the dynamics of sex trafficking and other forms of violence against women. 

Intake procedure (pdf)


Sisters of Survival (SOS)

 A 14-week, intensive education group to examine sex trafficking as a slave-based system, the impact it has has on victims' lives, and issues related to addiction and recovery.

Breaking Free offers SOS groups in two locations.

St. Paul: Tuesday nights from 5:30 to 7:30 pm at Breaking Free's St. Paul offices. Dinner is served before the meeting at 5:00 pm. 

Minneapolis: Thursday afternoons from 1:00 to 3:00 pm at Breaking Free's Minneapolis satellite office.

If you would like to join SOS, please call Breaking Free at (651) 645-6557 to schedule an intake. 


Life Skills

 Breaking Free believes that every woman should have the opportunity to learn and grow at any stage in their life. We offer a holistic approach to promoting the health and well being of the women we serve. 

 The purpose of this program is to provide information and skills that will lead to the management of a successful future as a survivor - for the individual, within their family, and within the community as a whole. The topics are meant to compliment and build upon the content discussed in our Sisters of Survival program. 


Breaking Free has formed several partnerships with local agencies, organizations, and community members to provide relevant, worthwhile information to our clients in a welcoming and safe environment. Women are given the opportunity to reflect on their past, assess their present, and dream about the future in these engaging sessions of self-discovery.

Job/Education Skills

 The purpose of this program is to provide information, skills, and training opportunities that will lead to the management of a successful job search, education search, and/or completion of career goals.

Breaking Free has formed partnerships with several local employment and work readiness organizations to help prepare women for the job market. We work with G.E.D. programs, high schools, higher education institutions, and training programs to help women get back into an educational setting. Women are given the opportunity to decide their own career paths. Each client has the opportunity to receive individualized assistance with navigating career choices to reach her goals.

In addition, Breaking Free provides services and referrals for other assistance, such as tutoring, scholarship research and assistance, and institution tours. 

Legal Services and Criminal Justice Advocacy Program

 Contact us for more information on becoming a volunteer attorney with Breaking Free's Pro Bono Legal Clinic (conducted in partnership with the Volunteer Lawyer's Network).

In addition to providing victims with access to free legal services for non-criminal matters, Breaking Free works with and educates key stakeholders in the criminal justice system to minimize the re-victimization and criminalization of victims and ensure equal access to justice. Breaking Free also provides specialized training's  and CLEs for attorneys, judges, and law enforcement.

The ultimate goal is to improve the justice system’s response to victims, while empowering women to know and stand up for those rights and protections afforded them under the law.  


The Breaking Free Alumni Program involves  ongoing group meetings for women who have successfully completed the  14-week Sisters of Survival program. Topics include relationship issues,  building self-esteem, money management, parenting skills, employment  resources, education, health care, etc. All graduates of Sisters of  Survival are welcome to attend!

Active Breaking Free alumni are  potentially eligible for participation in Speaker's Bureau, internships, permanent housing, and more.

Alumni Group is held on Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:30 pm. Dinner is served before the meeting. Please call your case manager for the location and more information.