Breaking Free could not do the work we do without donations from generous donors. Support Breaking Free's women & girls by making a one-time gift, signing up for Breaking Free's Monthly Giving Program or by providing an in-kind donation to allows us to meet the basic needs of the women & girls we serve. 

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Current Campaigns

Safe House


 On September 1, 2019, Breaking Free will be opening an emergency shelter that will host up to four clients at a time for a period up to two weeks. Currently, if a victim is identified in Minnesota over the age of 18 years old, there are very few options, if any, for them to get emergency shelter today. During the last week of July, 2019, the staff came to Breaking Free on two different days to find clients sleeping on our porch. We’ve purchased sleeping bags, tents, provided hotel rooms and have spent down all of our funding to help those that fall into this ‘gap of services’. 



 As the crowd rose to their feet at the Pyle Center at the U of W at Madison last Saturday, April 13th, in ovation of a panel discussion that Breaking Free survivors participated in, I was so proud! Proud of their courage, proud of their wisdom and proud of the voices that they each shared. Thanks to 4W-STREETS (Social Transformations to End Exploitation and Trafficking for Sex, for sponsoring our plenary panel discussion and to Chris Stark who paved the way. We were able to highlight the art and experiences that we held as survivors of prostitution and trafficking.  

In-Kind Donations

Help support our women & girls by individually donating or hosting a donation drive for new or gently used items. 

Items needed:

Food Shelf Items

Diapers- 2T-5T

Baby Wipes

Kids toothpaste

Cleaning supplies

Dish soap 

Laundry soap

African American hair products




Razors/shave cream

Sleeping Bags

Pre-made sandwiches for outreach




Facebook Fundraisers

100% of donations made through Facebook go directly to Breaking Free! Facebook has made it easier for you and your community to raise money on Facebook to help collect donations for Breaking Free!  




Group Donation Drives

Take the lead by organizing volunteer opportunities for your networks with Breaking Free's volunteer resources and organizing a project for yourself or your networks.

Help us to get our women and girls' basics that they need. Help provide basic items such as housing supplies, food, hygiene, baby items, gift cards and school supplies.


For more information regarding in-kind donations, please contact 

Kristina Jackson: