If  you are a reporter or other member of the news media and would like comment or background from Breaking Free or would like to interview a member of staff or a survivor of sex trafficking, contact Lori Paul  at (651)645-6557 or

Student requests: Each  year, Breaking Free receives hundreds of student requests for  assistance with school projects such as interviews with survivors or  staff. Because of the high volume of requests we receive and our heavy  workload, Breaking Free staff and survivors are not able to assist  students with school projects so that we may concentrate on our work in  ending sex trafficking. Please do not contact us with requests for class  project assistance. 

Please note that survivors of sex trafficking who are interviewed by members  of the media will be accompanied at all times by a Breaking Free staff  member. In addition, extra measures may need to be taken to preserve the  confidentiality and safety of the survivor, such as using a pseudonym  or altering a survivor's voice.