Permanent Supportive Housing


"The United States contains less than a dozen shelters (under 100 beds) that cater specifically to trafficked women and youth. Breaking Free's housing program has been providing safety and shelter to our clients since 2001."

 --Alan Johnson, The Columbus Dispatch, Oct. 2011

The Village Place, Breaking Free’s permanent housing facility, was opened through a partnership with the Minnesota Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 2001. The Village Place is a 54-unit apartment complex master leased by Breaking Free with one- and two-bedroom units.

Our permanent housing program houses women (and their children) who participate in and complete our Women's programming. While we call this program "permanent housing" by definition because we are not mandated by our funding to require a time limit of stay for residents, it is our hope and design that clients will utilize this program and its supportive services to eventually achieve self-sufficiency.