Public Policy and Social Change

 A Multifaceted Approach

Sex trafficking is a complex problem requiring a multifaceted solution. Breaking Free’s response is comprehensive: addressing the immediate needs of victims, as well as implementing the following strategies for long-term social change:

  1. Raising public awareness about the realities of the issue, the propensity of the demand in this state, and the conditions in which the victims are forced to live;
  2. Increasing victim identification through education of first responders, law enforcement and the judicial system;
  3. Providing strategies for intervention and prevention along with resources and access to services for victims;
  4. Advising on legislative proposals and advocating for changes to legislation that will protect victims while increasing fines and penalties for perpetrators who buy and sell women and children for sex; and finally,
  5. Engaging the community in large-scale awareness events, including our Candlelight Vigil, Benefit Breakfast, and the semi-annual Demand Change Project.

Prevention, not just intervention is necessary for social change. 

We must stop the victimization before it starts.

Prevention in Your Profession and Community

 Everyone can be agents of social change.  Read below for some ideas and strategies for prevention: 


 Spectrum of Prevention, developed by Larry Cohen of the Prevention Institute