Men Breaking Free Goals and Objectives


1. Increase awareness and understanding of the national and local community problem of men purchasing women to fulfill their sense of emptiness inside, anger they may feel toward women and/or themselves, and what really goes on before and after they purchase sex from women.

2. Understanding and owning the impacts of selling human beings: on the victims, yourself, your intimate partners, your children and their children, and your community. 

3. Developing individual and group agreements on being the person, father, and partner/husband, and man that you most wish to be and be regarded as.

4. Developing and demonstrating new skills and commitments to help you better recognize and respond to stressful and challenging situations and relationships, without the use of physical, verbal, sexual or psychological violence.

5. Identification and development of resources that you can help you to more fully live the rest of your life as a man of integrity. 

Overall, the Goal for Men Breaking Free is to break the demand side of the tragedy of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation by assuring that participating men leave the workshop with a better understanding of what brought them to this place in life, and with clarity and strategies to help and encourage them to avoid making similar mistakes in the future.