What We Do

 Our Mission
To end all forms of prostitution and sex trafficking.

Our Core Values

  • Prostitution is violence against women.
  • No one deserves to be bought and sold, and everyone deserves to live free of violence.
  • It is important to criminalize the buyer, and decriminalize the bought: to hold the demand accountable, not the victim.

Our Goals
While Breaking Free's primary mission is to provide direct services to victims and survivors, we also aim to: 

  • Ensure that the services provided are victim-centered, trauma-informed, and operate within a culturally appropriate, age, and gender-specific context;
  • Provide permanent housing and rental/placement assistance to our target population;
  • Decriminalize victims and encourage the use of pre-court diversion in lieu of criminal charges against women in prostitution;
  • Educate law enforcement, the criminal justice system, medical professionals, service providers, educators and students, faith communities, and the community at large about the effects of commercial sexual exploitation on women;
  • Expose prostitution/sex trafficking as violence against women; and
  • To stop the demand that drives sex trafficking.